Review of feat. Ludacris - Unpredictable Single by Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx feat Ludacris
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Jamie Foxx feat. Ludacris - Unpredictable Single

The Oscar-winning star, who I remember as the bloke from American sitcom 'In Living Colour' debuts with his single 'Unpredictable' from the album of the same name. Solid production on this down tempo, polished r'n'b track along with Jamie Foxx's street soul vocal make this a likely smash. Whilst not ground breaking, this floating groove allows Jamie Foxx to show off his vocal dexterity through throaty, spoken and then soulful tones until he unleashes the smoothed out chorus. Ludacris' semi machine gun guest rap raises the temperature of a tune that will fester in Spring until realising its full potential in the Summer months - when work is over and the windows and hoods are down. Cool and definitely worth a listen.

Vissen Chettiar


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9-19 Essential purchase
7-8 Good, definite buy if you've liked this artist in the past
5-6 OK only, don't say I didn't warn you
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