Review of Unpredictable Album by Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx
J Records
Uk Release Date April 17th / Released Import

Jamie Foxx Unpredictable Album

Jamie Foxx opens his account with J Records with a set that includes both the lead single "Unpredictable" and the lead street single "Extravaganza" that features and is produced by Kanye West. The strong cuts are the down beat swayers "Warm Bed", "Can I Take You Home", "DJ Play A Love Song", "Get This Money", the oh so retro "VIP", the amazing "Three Letter Word", the classy soulful "Storm", "Wish You Were Here" and the R&B sexy slow jam "Do What It Do". The mid-beat head nodders "With You" that features The Game and Snoop Dogg on rap duties and "U Still Got It" featuring Common. But if there is one track that simply sums up why this album should be in everyone's collection it is the amazing duet with Mary J Blige. This amazing cover version of the Kashif and Melissa Morgan track "Love Changes" is quite simply already a contender for the best track of 2006. Both Jamie Foxx and Mary J Blige give the kind of vocal performances that stand as pure education to anyone who wants to learn how to sing. In fact if it was the Oscars, something that Jamie is used to he would get best actor and Mary J would walk away with best supporting actress. So go forth and buy when this album hits the streets in the UK.



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