He has two big movies out this summer, and they couldn't be much more different. Anthropoid is an edgy WWII thriller, while The 9th Life of Louis Drax is a moody mystery-drama. But variety is what Dornan is looking for.

Jamie Dornan and Sarah Gordon in The 9th Life Of Louis Drax

"It was a bit of a departure from anything that I had done," he says of his role as a doctor in Louis Drax. "I also got to explore that world a bit, something I did not have a great deal of knowledge about, although I do have plenty of doctors in my immediate family."

He has recently finished shooting his return as Christian Grey in the sequel Fifty Shades Darker. "I felt more comfortable the second time around," Dornan says of the film's notorious S&M themes. "There was a lot of pressure the first time. I think when you're making the first film of any franchise there is a lot of pressure in terms of setting a tone and the way it's shot and the way it's played and finding your feet with it. This time I felt I had a lot more time on my hands. And the pressure seemed to be off a bit because the first one made so much money. Everyone was in a better place about it. So it was definitely a better experience."

But even though Louis Drax is centred around a 9-year-old boy, he says that he still hasn't made a movie his kids can watch. "They certainly can't watch this for a bloody long time!" he laughs. "And not the Fifty side of things, but if they wanted to watch that one day and see what daddy does, then that's cool. I am mindful that I have two children now. There is part of me that does want to do something they can watch soon, maybe something lighthearted, because I don't consider myself a dark or menacing person despite what I portray on-screen. I definitely want to have the opportunity to show other sides as well."

Perhaps a romantic comedy? "I am not opposed to that at all," he says. "But in terms of the last five or 10 years, there have only been one or two that worked. It's a genre that they often get wrong. So you'd have to be very careful to get all the right people. But I am certainly open to it."

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