British actor Jamie Dornan had to win back his new wife Amelia Warner's trust after she was left terrified by his portrayal of a serial killer in new U.K. series The Fall.

The former model only married the singer/songwriter in April (13), but he reveals she was frightened of him after watching him play a psychopath in the crime drama.

He tells Britain's Culture magazine, "My wife hadn't seen the third episode, so we watched it the other night. She was a little bit wary of me for about half an hour after it finished. I had to win back her trust. It's interesting. I guess I didn't quite realise I was capable of coming across as so dark. Everyone in the process of casting me must always have seen that darkness in me. Yet I'm not sure I even saw it myself. Basically, it must have been inside me, which is kind of worrying."

Dornan also admits even he feels uncomfortable watching himself in the role, adding, "In truth, I struggle a bit - we didn't film it in any sequential order. When you see it all put together, and the proximity of what he's doing at home with his kids and what he's doing at night, what he gets off on - I do struggle. I understand why people find that tough to watch."