Jamie Cullum sees fatherhood as a ''great privilege''.

The 33-year-old singer songwriter and his wife, model and TV cook Sophie Dahl, welcomed their second daughter Margot at the beginning of March just two days after their other daughter Lyra celebrated her second birthday and Jamie feels blessed to have a new addition to his ''gorgeous'' family.

He said: ''That new level of responsibility is quite profound. At first there's a little fear involved, then you realise it's all rather beautiful having these gorgeous people to share your life in your crazy world. It's a great privilege; an extraordinary thing.

''Getting married and becoming a father makes me see the world a lot more intensely; a lot more of the happiness but also the sadness ... When you have kids you have to put your flag in the ground and decide how you want to live your life and the example you want to set.''

The 'Everlasting Love' musician has also noticed parenthood has changed his outlook on song-writing and finds himself penning tracks in all sorts of environments when he can get a chance.

He explained to Britain's Hello! magazine: ''Having less time, you tend to grab inspiration while you can. Previously I had romantic ideas about writing, where you sit at the piano, the sun streaming through the window, and it would come to you.

''Ideas can come when you play with your kids. I wrote 'Get a Hold of Yourself' on a three-string ukulele because it was the only thing in the kitchen while I was watching the baby and didn't have time to go to the piano.''