British jazz star Jamie Cullum has confessed to being "fairly fearless" when it comes to experimenting with drugs - because he's curious to "try everything once".

The FRONTIN' singer is bored with being asked about his attitude towards illegal narcotics during interviews but, while he steadfastly avoids promoting them, he admits he's open to sampling different mind-altering substances.

Cullum, 23, says, "It (drugs) is not something I like to talk about, really, but I know it's the kind of stuff that people are interested in.

"I don't let anything get in the way of performing, but I like to have a laugh.

"I don't like to be in the dark about stuff. I'm fairly fearless when it comes to all that (drugs). I certainly wouldn't stick anything in my arm.

"I certainly like to be informed and I like to try everything once."

08/07/2004 02:22