Jamie Chung wants an ''intimate'' wedding.

The 30-year-old actress is set to marry actor Bryan Greenberg and although they both have different ideas on on how they'd like to mark the occasion, she admits he's better at organising events.

She told People.com: ''He wants a big blow out and I want to keep it intimate, so there's certainly things we need to work out.''

Before adding: ''We're equally excited... Actually, he's better at planning parties than I am.''

While there are a number of details the happy couple still need to work out, Jamie would ''love'' to have a Monique Lhuillier designed gown for the big day after seeing recent designs showcased on the runway.

She said: ''Monique Lhuillier is a designer I lust for. I saw her Fall 2014 runway show and it was literally like an opera. I would love to wear one of her dresses!''

Jamie and Bryan - who dated for almost two years before getting engaged - spend many hours enjoying one another's company but the brunette beauty insists they won't go to the gym together.

Jamie admitted: ''He hates working out with me. Bryan says, 'It's so cheesy,' so we're not that couple.''