Jamie Bell "threw a rib out" while shooting 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'.

The British actor portrays the titular character in the forthcoming Steven Spielberg-directed movie - which was shot using motion capture technology - and he reveals it was particularly tough to film because he had to fully embrace the characterisations.

He said: "When I'm skidding across the deck, I'm skidding across harsh carpet.

"I had two misaligned vertebrae and I threw a rib out. I needed a chiropractor for two days. For people who say, 'So you do the voice of Tintin?' - f**k that dude!"

However, he believes the pain was worth it as the film - which also features Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig - has a "perfect blend" of realism and technology.

He said: "We haven't seen an animated performance capture film that has worked. 'Polar Express' would have been a great live action film. 'Beowulf' didn't need to exist. I don't want to see an interpretation of Angelina Jolie's hot body - I want to see Angelina Jolie's hot body. I think 'Tintin' is the perfect blend of the technology and the material."