Jamie Bell says Evan Rachel Wood loves his accent.

The Durham-born star, who rose to fame aged 14 playing ballet-loving teen Billy Elliot, admits his wife was initially attracted to his English lilt and is a big fan of all things British.

He said: ''Apparently she likes the accent. The food too, which is surprising. She likes a lot of the pickled things - well, she did when she was pregnant anyway. She'd been going to England in her own right long before she met me.''

The couple, who wed in 2012, welcomed a son last July and have been taking it in turns to look after the baby while the other works because 'Thirteen' actress Evan has no plans to be a stay-at-home mum.

Jamie told the new UK issue of HELLO magazine: ''There will never be a version of Evan Rachel Wood where's a stay-at-home mum. That's just not going to happen. We are both working actors and now that we are parents, we are both going to continue to be working actors and work it out.''

The 28-year-old actor manages to maintain a normal life unlike many of his peers and is glad he doesn't often get recognised in public.

He added: ''It's not too bad for me - I have friends who are much more publically known than I am, who, when I'm checking out groceries at the grocery store, I am literally read in what they did last night in the headlines of the papers. I don't have it anything near as bad.

''Okay, sometimes I'll go to Starbucks to get a coffee and someone will say, 'Hey, it's you', and I'll say, 'How's it going'. But that's no big deal. I have a great life, to be honest.''