James star Tim Booth stepped up security at a concert in Manchester, England on Monday (31Oct11) after receiving a series of frightening threats.
The singer filed a report with U.K. police after menacing notices were plastered over advertisements for the band's gig at the city's Bridgewater Hall on Monday (31Oct11).
Fans were searched before entering the venue, and the frontman later interrupted their set to inform the crowd about his scare and appeal for help.
Discussing the threats, Booth tells the Manchester Evening News, "The posters were put up over James posters at the Bridgewater Hall... Someone's gone to a bit of effort. They detail what they're going to do to me when they get hold of me...
"I felt it better to announce it to the audience and also if anyone sees someone handing posters out to report it to the police. We have told the police.
"I'm assuming they're going to be at one of the shows, that's why I'm talking to the audience... I just felt like I was going to come out and make light of it as well, just inform the audience so they know what's going on. I'm hoping we can flush him out at a show because he'll be in an environment where I can deal with him."
Booth also reveals he has been receiving "strange" email messages for several months.
He adds, "I’ve been getting some strange emails from someone for about a year and a half that have been getting weirder and weirder, which could be from the same person (who put up the posters) but we don’t know."