James frontman TIM BOOTH struggled with a debilitating liver condition and metal illness throughout his early life - and spent years fearing he would lose his mind.
The She's a Star singer was born with an "inherited liver disease" which turned his skin yellow and led to mental health problems while he was growing up.
Booth admits doctors failed to diagnose the psychological side of his condition, and he struggled with the symptoms for many years.
He has now opened up about his problems, even writing a song about his battle with mental health, called Crazy, for the band's new album The Night Before.
Booth explains, "I was born with an inherited liver disease which meant I looked bright yellow all through my teens. Nobody diagnosed it as an illness. It had a whole mental set (of symptoms) which went with it so for a 10-year period I just assumed I was going insane. I feared they were going to cart me off, lock me up and throw away the key. By the time I got to 30 and had not been carted off, I thought, 'Nobody is going to catch me out.' But it was difficult to grow up with something like that. I think it helped me develop a lot of mental toughness."