In his new video for Turn Yourself Around, James Yuill shows viewers how tough life can be when you lose a car tyre in the desert, whilst wearing your Sunday best. With nothing to stop those roving wheels, they really can just roll for miles and unless you have a spare tyre in the boot of your car, you’re gonna have a hard time getting that tyre back. And boy is it a hard slog rolling that tyre back up hill in the blazing heat. And we won’t even mention the look on the man’s face when he lets go of the tyre and it starts rolling back again… Okay, so perhaps the video is a metaphor for something a little deeper than losing a tyre.

Nonetheless, it’s an emotive effort from James Yuill, an electronic artist from London. ‘Turn Yourself Around’ is taken from Yuill’s third studio album These Spirits, which will be released on March 25, 2013. In addition to the release of the album, Yuill has also revealed that he’ll be headlining a show at London’s Corsica Studios on May 16, 2013. 

Watch the video for 'Turn Yourself Around'

The essence of ‘Turn Yourself Around,’ is the message that life might be scary, but you need to steel yourself to make things a bit better. And, when necessary, traipse through the desert looking for a lost tyre.