Review of Turning Down Water For Air Album by James Yuill

Review of James Yuill's album Turning Down Water For Air

James Yuill Turning Down Water For Air Album

James Yuill is an intriguing artist, a folk singer songwriter who dabbles in electro. Folktronica they call it! And in Turning down water for air (Earth And Fire version) he's created an intriguing remix album. The first five tracks of the album 'Earth EP' is an acoustic affair, folky with a dashing of pop for good measure. Its fairly enjoyable with the likes of No Pins Allowed even offering a bit of ska half way through. He also shows that he's not afraid to experiment with classic instruments, the trusty xylophone makes a rare appearance to pleasuring effect on This Sweet Time.

She Said in Jest, an acoustic number, features some electronic sounds from time to time which at first you don't think much of. This is until the next track arrives, kick starting The Fire EP. All of a sudden the album drops its acoustic instruments and becomes an electronic beast. Breathing in does this tamely as if its bedding you in gently. You Always do however is a totally different affair. With a thumping bass line, it really couldn't be further from the cosy acoustic tracks that began with the Earth EP. Its when we arrive at Head Over Heels that the evolution of this album really starts to hit you. I can't say I would have predicted track eight of this album being drum n bass, but that really is testament to how experimental and unsafe this album is.

Every type of dance music seems to be covered on the Fire EP, with electro and dnb already under his belt Yuill opts for a bit of 90s style trance on No Surprise, ironic as its probably the biggest surprise on a massively surprising album.

The album benefits hugely from the heavier introduction of electronic instruments and heavier beats. Once the Fire EP kicks in, you realise what a versatile musician and songwriter James Yuill is. Its not that the first EP is bad, its just that it looks so ordinary when next to the energy and inventiveness of the Fire EP.

Sam Marland

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