Jason Momoa may have already suited up as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman in the unofficially-titled DC Extended Universe, but we're yet to see exactly where he comes from, and why he is the way he is. Fortunately, a solo flick that's just a few months away from release is going to reveal a lot of that, if reports are to be believed.

James Wan will serve as director on 'Aquaman'James Wan will serve as director on 'Aquaman'

Director James Wan - who you may know from his work on horror movies including 'Insidious' and 'The Conjuring' - has stepped in to helm 'Aquaman', and opened up during a media set visit about some of what we should expect when this film hits the big screen.

According to JoBlo, he teased: "He goes on his journey, he goes on his own story in the stand-alone movie. And he goes on this journey and he ultimately becomes the Aquaman as we know him."

Following his debut in 'Justice League', which saw him extremely confident, with a good sense of humour and a strong head on his shoulders, it will be very interesting for fans to see exactly where the King of Atlantis goes following those shocking events. Is he as respected under the water as he made himself on land, or is that something he'll still be working on?

In the comic book world, Aquaman has often been made fun of because of his abilities. He's thought to be someone who can simply speak to fish, but really, his powers go a lot deeper than that. Part of the casting process in bringing Momoa on board as the hero was to make sure that he could never be questioned again.

Wan explained: "That's what makes him so cool, right, just his physicality, right? And I think... I've gotta say, this is a stroke of genius on Zack's behalf, right? This is Zack's casting. He saw something in Jason and he'd go, "You know what? If I put Jason in this, no one's ever gonna make fun of Aquaman ever again." And I think that's super great. That's really cool."

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'Aquaman' is expected to debut in the UK a week earlier than the rest of the world on December 14, 2018.