James Van Der Beek's wife is ''exhausted'' with her current pregnancy.

The 36-year-old actor and his spouse Kimberly Brook - who married in 2010, and already have kids Olivia, two and 19-month-old Joshua - are expecting their third child together, but she is finding her current pregnancy the most tiring yet.

She said: ''It's harder being pregnant with two toddlers. I'm exhausted [with] this pregnancy! I'm really tired. It's tough to take a break. This is my most exhausting pregnancy yet.''

Kimberly has decided she wants to keep the gender of their baby a surprise and doesn't care if she has a boy or girl.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''We have no idea. The doctor doesn't even know. It's a surprise! I'm the person who could have had three boys or three girls and not care. Also I was always into keeping the surprise, but at the end of the day I had a hard time. I think I have more will power this time!''

James is a doting dad and despite his hectic career he is home in time to tuck Olivia and Joshua into bed and read them a story.

She explained: ''He is really a hands on dad! He has an intense filming schedule, but he tries really hard to get home to put them to bed. Normally I will give them a bath and he will do story time and bedtime.''

Kimberly gushed about her tiny tots and is delighted that the siblings are becoming friends and taking care of one another.

She explained: ''It's nuts! I'm really busy. It's becoming easier because now they are becoming great friends. They definitely know how to argue, but they spend the majority of the time loving each other and laughing. When Joshua my youngest cries, my daughter Olivia will rub his back and tell him it's OK. It's really sweet.''