James Van Der Beek would not befriend his alter ego, Dawson Leery, if given the chance.

The 36-year-old actor was catapulted to the spotlight as the male lead in the American teen series 'Dawson's Creek' and his character was an eternal optimist, but James doesn't thinks he is the kind of person he would like to hang out with in real life.

James - who starred alongside Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in the series - said: ''Dawson was sweet, but would probably get on my nerves and end up as one of those people I found myself making excuses to not hang out with.''

The hunk wouldn't mind spending time with other characters he has appeared as, such as smart but rebellious student Mox from 1999s 'Varsity Blues', or Will from TV series 'Friends With Better Lives', as the pair could bond over sports.

He told Paper Magazine: ''I liked Mox, he was a pretty solid dude. I think I'd avoid Sean Bateman ['The Rules of Attraction'] at all costs. I like Will, though. I could watch football with him on a regular basis.''