Director James Toback's forgotten storage items have been auctioned off.

The Bugsy writer rented a storage space at Chelsea Mini Storage in New York 20 years ago, but has fallen behind on his payments, prompting the owners to sell off his belongings.

However, Toback is not concerned with the pieces, explaining they are just press clippings, notebooks and papers.

He tells the New York Post, "If anyone paid more than $50 (for the stuff), they will be very disappointed."

Toback insists he keeps his prized possessions in his home after giving away valuable baseball cards and balls autographed by sporting greats Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle while in college.

He continues, "I have two closets full of my archives. I am very reluctant to get rid of anything after what I went through when I went to Harvard. I probably had about $500,000 of sports memorabilia."