British actor James Purefoy has opened up about a movie set accident which nearly cost him his life - he was stabbed in the head during a fight scene.
The 45 year old was filming action epic Solomon Kane in Prague, Czech Republic, last year (08) when a fight scene went badly wrong.
The Rome star was hit in the head by a stuntman wielding a sword and was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.
Purefoy explains, "This seven foot Czech stuntman came at me with his sword but I ducked too late and he caught me."
Director Michael J. Bassett admits the incident left him fearing the worst for his star.
He adds, "James went down like a sack of spuds (potatoes). There was blood all over his face, and I thought, 'Is he OK?'"
Bassett was relieved when the actor was discharged by medics, having just suffered a minor injury - but the accidents onset continued with Purefoy on the end of the second stunt which went awry.
He explains, "(Purefoy) got his own back on his return, accidentally stabbing an extra just below the eye."