Movie star James Purefoy has upset directors of gritty TV drama ROME by refusing to bare all for scenes in the second series of the show. The dashing Vanity Fair star, who plays MARK ANTONY in the drama, stripped off for a bathing scene in the first series but insists he'll only disrobe if it's absolutely necessary - and not just to win ratings. He says, "There were directors who were disappointed that I didn't get buck-naked... I would just go, 'Why? Tell me the reason. What does it add to the character now that we haven't already got?' "One of them said, 'Oh, I just want to show he's relaxed.' "(I said) 'We know he's relaxed! How much more relaxed could I possibly be? No, you just want to see my c**k in rehearsal. I'll show it to you now, shall I..? We don't have to show it in front of millions of people.'" But Purefoy admits he had no problems with his full-frontal nude scene in the first season of Rome - because he felt disrobing was relevant. He tells Out magazine, "It was really right for the character somebody who's naked talking to somebody who's clothed, is normally the weaker of the two... not in that situation, it was very clear who had the status - the naked man. And that says a lot about the man."