British actor James Purefoy realised he had blown his chance at landing the coveted role of superspy James Bond when he rambled on about what he'd change to improve the 007 franchise during an interview. The RESIDENT EVIL star admits he became a little too excited while being questioned by film-makers. He says, "The room is very Bond-esque - wood-panelling, big table. You sit there trying to be as serious and panther-like as you can, just letting them look at you. "They asked what I thought should be changed, and I was eight minutes into my soliloquy when I noticed they were all staring at my legs. "Being a ludicrous, over-excited boy of 42, I was kicking them like a child. I realised there was no hope." However, Purefoy can see one advantage of losing out to new 007 DANIEL CRAIG - at least he won't have to contend with unwelcome media attention. He adds, "I'd love to do it, but can you be James Bond and live in a little London street two minutes from your kid? It's too life changing."