He was the frontman of one of the most critically well-received bands of the noughties, but James Murphy hasn’t been kicking his heels since the split of LCD Soundsystem. The musician and record label owner has shared a collection of remixes he has made which used data from this year’s US Open tennis competition.

Having teamed up with IBM, who used an algorithm which took a multitude of data from the tournament’s individual matches and produced them into over 400 hours of music, Murphy agreed to remix some of the results and has come up with twelve compositions. It’s something of a labour of love, suffice to say.

James Murphy
James Murphy has shared a collection of remixes made from the data of US Open tennis matches

The remixes were posted on the US Open Sessions website, and Murphy has now shared them himself on SoundCloud. The collection, simply titled ‘Remixes Made With Tennis Data’, is streaming now.

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As the brains behind LCD Soundsystem, Murphy had a huge influence on the direction of electronica and dance music throughout the ‘00s, with his band releasing three superb albums before bowing out with a farewell concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden in April 2011.

Since then, Murphy has been keeping himself busy. He is the co-founder of dance music record label DFA, and has recently produced albums by Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Klaxons. Earlier this year, he announced a similar project to this latest endeavour which used New York’s underground system as its musical inspiration.

Murphy recently scotched rumours that he was working on New Order’s upcoming album, taking to Twitter to say: “Dear click-baiting websites who all have our email – there is zero truth to the DFA/New Order news. How come no one bothers to check facts?”

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