British singer James Morrison was overcome with emotion as he watched Prince William's wedding last year (11) - because he felt "really sorry" the royal's late mum Diana, Princess Of Wales could not witness the ceremony.
Prince William was just 15 years old when his mother died in a car crash in 1997, and he went on to give his now-bride Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Diana's engagement ring when he proposed in 2010.
Morrison tuned in to watch their wedding at London's Westminster Abbey on 29 April (11) - and was surprised by how much the ceremony touched him.
He tells Aol Music, "Weirdly I wasn't bothered by it a bit until I watched it on TV. I just felt really sorry for the boys, you know? Their mum wasn't there to see that day. I got really emotional for them. Those lads (William and brother Harry) are the best kind of thing about the royal family to me.
"I didn't expect it to get to me like that. I felt like wow, he found a nice girl. She's not even from the royal family. She's from a poor background which tells a lot about his character. It was a cool day in the end."