James Morrison never used to do anything "good" for his voice.

The 37-year-old singer admitted that he had no idea how to look after his vocal health in the early days of his career, adding that he "didn't even drink water."

He said: "I never used to do anything that was good for my voice at all. I didn't even drink water! I was so naïve and learned how to sing in pubs, so smoking, drinking, loud talking and all that stuff was natural to me."

The ''You Give Me Something' hitmaker then went on to explain that he had to learn how to strike a "balance" between partying and a healthy lifestyle, noting that to do so is "really important."

Speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, he added: "It took me a long time to learn the balance between how and when to turn off the party. All that stuff is really important. I always used to see super healthy people and I'd think that could never be me."

James - who has so far released five studio albums and has released a Greatest Hits compilation - then went on to explain that his beliefs stemmed from his upbringing on a council estate, claiming that it took him a "long time" to realise his potential.

He added: "I grew up on a council estate and we had a poor upbringing. But now I know that you can be whatever you want. So yeah, I just suppose it took me a long time to try and see what my potential is."