British singer James Morrison has undergone hypnotherapy sessions in a bid to quit smoking.
The You Give Me Something hitmaker steers clear of drinking alcohol because his late father battled an addiction to booze for years before his death from liver disease last year (10).
Morrison admits his genetic make-up means he is prone to addiction - and he is desperate to give up his cigarette habit before it wrecks his singing voice.
He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "My vice is smoking. I am a heavy smoker and I know I need to stop. Rod Stewart once pulled me aside at a gig and said, 'You have to give up the fags (cigarettes). They will ruin your voice.'
"He's a legend and I wish I could take it on board but I haven't... (I've tried to stop) loads of times. I've tried hypnotherapy, everything. I think I'll have to tie my hands together and see how that goes."