British singer James Morrison has become a stay-at-home parent by building a recording studio in his house.

The Wonderful World hitmaker installed recording equipment at his property in Brighton, England so he can work on his next album while spending more time with his young daughter, Elsie.

He says, "I've got a nice little room set up in my house. I've got a drum kit there. It's exciting for me. I'm not (Led Zeppelin drummer) John Bonham, but I can scrape a beat together then work it into the computer and spit it out the other end. And that's the thing, if you've got it, you can practice. I've never really had the space to do that until now.

"There's not really anyone around that's gonna complain - other than (my partner) Gill! So it's alright. I don't think I'm gonna do anyone's head in (annoy anyone)... That's the whole point. So I can make music and be with Elsie."