Both X-Men and The Avengers are Marvel’s biggest movie properties. With 'Days of Future Past' currently in the process of dismantling box offices around the world and putting them back together in the shape of a big X, those Avengers will be performing similar feats next year when 'Age of Ultron' hits town and tries to outgun the $1.5 billion dollar machine that preceded it.

X-Men Days of Future PastLooks like James McAvoy is ready to fight just about anyone, including himself?

One can only imagine, then, what it would be like if Marvel decided to include the two franchises in one movie. Marvel geeks out there will instantly be able to flag up any continuity and lore-based stumbling blocks with that, while the more business minded fans would cite rights and ownership. But as Hugh Jackman says on SiriusXM Town Hall hosted by Jess Cagle, if someone wants to make it happen, it could probably happen.

X-Men: Back Together Again in Days of Future Past

James McAvoy took things one step further and likened to would be bout to a boxing match. “I think if the audience interest is there then someone’s going to make it happen,” he said. “I would like to see us fight them, though. I’d like us not to team up. I’d like to see us fight them and, you know, annihilate them, as we surely would,” he says, laughing. “Be like, ‘Hey, Robert Downey. Oh, here you go. There’s your ass.’ ‘Sorry, I’ve got a bunch of asses in my hand. I think they belong to you Avengers?’”

With 95%, 'X-men: Days Of Future Past' Is The Best X-men Movie. Period.

McAvoy has every right to be confident at the moment, but perhaps not of a X-Men victory over those Avengers. We’ll let the bona fide nerds handle that one. But one thing’s for sure, with a hugely positive critical response, Days of Future Past will go down as one of the best comic book movies of all time.

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