Victor Frankenstein stars James McAvoy as the doctor and Daniel Radcliffe as his assistant Igor, and the two actors developed a close friendship on-set, despite their 10-year age difference and the challenges of making the movie. This is reflected in the film's plot. As McAvoy notes, "Igor has something that Frankenstein needs, so he harnesses him. Frankenstein is very selfish and personally driven, so he's always using, but something of Igor gets through to him and they do form a loving relationship."

James and Daniel play the lead roles in Victor Frankenstein

But Radcliffe says that the friendship he forged with McAvoy backstage is very different from what's on-screen. "Victor and Igor's relationship is quite an abusive one," he says. "I think James and I are fairly similar in terms of our work ethic. But we're lucky that we get to work in an industry where we can have a lot of fun while doing our jobs." Intriguingly, the character of Igor isn't even in Shelley's novel, but he's been important in the movies. "Victor and the monster have had plenty of time to get acquainted," says Radcliffe. "Now it's time for Victor and Igor! Something I found very interesting is that [screenwriter] Max Landis says one of his big inspirations for writing this film was The Social Network - this idea of two young guys on the tip of the spear of technology who are forging their ways forward and being told no and really overcoming it all with youthful rebellion and a complete lack of self-doubt. I find that rather exciting."

Meanwhile, McAvoy also enjoyed the film's edgy tone. "I mean, you look at the source material, it was pretty incendiary at the time," he says. "It moved things forward so much, and it asked really controversial questions about the repercussions of scientific advancement. So this film also has to be slightly dicey and controversial at times. That's harder to do these days, as people are not as disturbed easily. We're not as disturbed by a movie that shows two guys trying to become God."

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