James McAvoy has revealed the NHS saved his life after a ''botched surgery''.

The 'X-Men' star has donated £275,000 to help buy personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline National Health Service workers battling the coronavirus pandemic as part of the Masks For NHS Heroes crowdfunding campaign.

Appearing on Tuesday's episode (21.04.20) of ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' - which fell on his 41st birthday - he said: ''The NHS has been there for me from the day I was born.

''Throughout my life, me personally, they saved my life, which I won't go into too much.

''For the lives of my loved ones and my family, you know, I would be without multiple members of my family and I mean close, close family if it weren't for the work of the NHS.

''And as horrible as this experience is that we are all going through, it is teaching us just how important our welfare system is and our healthcare system is and how important it is that we respect, and that we reward and protect those who are in the business of protecting us.''

When 'GMB' host Piers Morgan asked about his own experiences, the actor - who didn't give any specific details - again praised the NHS and revealed the impact its had on his own life.

He added: ''I think a lot of us are in that similar position... In a less developed society random everyday things might kill us... you can fall over and bang your head and you've got this beautiful thing called the NHS which will save your life.

''You can have a little botched surgery, which is what happened to me, and the NHS is there to save your life.

''You quickly realise in a situation like this just how close we are to all of that falling apart, how delicate and how precious it is and how much we need to look after it going forward.''