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M Night Shyamalan Knows How To Get Exactly What He Wants

M. Night Shyamalan James McAvoy

James McAvoy stars in M. Night Shyamalan's latest psychological thriller 'Split', which follows a man with 23 different personalities. James had to play 9 of them which he admits was a lot of work, but that work was helped by the director's determination to stick to his script to the very end.

James McAvoyJames McAvoy stars in M Night Shyamalan's 'Split'

Often during filming, a screenplay is changed as the story comes to life, usually only slightly but sometimes very dramatically. It's not always easy to translate a vision on paper to live action, but M Night Shyamalan knows enough about the process to be able to make the first draft count.

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Split Review


After a few badly received sci-fi blockbusters, M. Night Shyamalan returned to his earthier style of filmmaking with 2015's The Visit and now this edgy psychological horror romp. It's a genuinely freaky movie, packed with unsettling touches and wonderfully intense performances. And yet there's a nagging sense that the filmmaker is using a very real mental health issue for cheap thrills. Dissociative identity disorder, also known as split personality, is genuinely devastating, but here it's played for blackly comical chills.

The man suffering from this condition is Kevin (James McAvoy), and he has 23 identities battling for supremacy inside him. The ringleader is Dennis, a psychopath who is working in league with fellow alter-ego Patricia to kidnap three young women, the abused outcast Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) and two classmates (Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula). As these teens try to use his personalities against each other to escape, Kevin is also attending sessions with his psychiatrist Dr Fletcher (Betty Buckley), an expert on his condition. And she has no idea what he's actually up to. Or that all of his personalities are terrified of a menacing identity they call the Beast.

Shyamalan is an expert at dropping clues into each scene, packing the dialog with innuendo and encouraging the actors into giving performances that suggest at unexpected connections and histories. As the film progresses, both Kevin and Casey reveal the most telling details of their grim pasts, allowing Shyamalan to gleefully crank up the tension. And the result is enjoyably creepy, keeping the audience off-balance with a plot that's impossible to predict and plenty of shocking mayhem along the way. At the centre, the audience is able to identify with Taylor-Joy's thoughtful Casey, a girl who has survived a nasty childhood and is determined to get out of this situation before it turns even more horrific.

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Split Trailer

When Casey and two of her friends go to the mall they're abducted by an unsuspecting and nervous looking man. When they awake the three girls find themselves locked away in a room, each with a camping mattress for a bed. The room is bare and they have no idea what's going on and they all fear for their lives.

Though they're free to roam in their room and bathroom, there's no windows and the only part of the world they can see from inside is through a small gap in the door which leads onto another room. As they peer through the small hole, they see a pair of high heeled shoes and immediately see the legs of a woman. Knowing that they were abducted by a man, the girls call out for help and what they find frightens and perplexes them all.

The person who comes to the room isn't a woman, it's their kidnapper and in a soft voice he tells the girls not to worry as 'he's not allowed to touch you' and goes on to say that the kidnapper 'listens' to her.

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X-Men Apocalypse Trailer

X-Men Apocalypse comes as the ninth instalment in the X-Men film series and stars Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy as Raven and Professor X. The X-Men are made up of a subspecies of humans that are born with superhuman abilities and are able to perform acts that are considered not normal for the average human.

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X-Men: Apocalypse Review

Very Good

This closing chapter of the First Class trilogy falls into the same trap as The Last Stand, the final part in the original X-Men trilogy: it shifts the focus from character detail and social commentary into a more standard effects-heavy action brawl. There's still a lot of strong character detail, and a big story that can't help but be entertaining. But it's impossible to escape the feeling that the film's scale is far bigger than it needed to be.

It's now 1983, and while Professor X (James McAvoy) works with Hank (Nicholas Hoult) to set up his school for young mutants, his old friend and nemesis Erik (Michael Fassbender) has started a family in a rural corner of Poland. But he can't hide forever. Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) is roaming the world helping mutants where she can, meeting the teleporting Kurt (Kodi Smit-McPhee) in Berlin before heading to Cairo. There, CIA operative Moira (Rose Byrne) has just uncovered a bizarre underground cult that has revived the ancient super-mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), who immediately sets out on a quest to cleanse the planet and start over again. He needs four assistants, and the question is which of the X-Men will go over to the dark side.

This is the third comic book movie in a row about superheroes fighting each other, after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. And it's similarly enormous (all three films are around two-and-a-half hours long), with mammoth battles that don't quite make logical sense but are compelling enough that the audience goes with them. This film has a bit more emotional depth, including back-stories that have been developed with unusual complexity. But some characters fall through the cracks.

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James McAvoy And Anne-Marie Duff Announce Divorce

James McAvoy Anne-Marie Duff

X-Men: Apocalypse star James McAvoy and his wife Anne-Marie Duff are to divorce after nine years of marriage, the couple have confirmed. The Scottish actor, who is best known for his role as the young Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, married Duff in 2006, after meeting on UK show ‘Shameless’.

James McAvoy and Anne-Marie DuffJames McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff have announced their separation.

In a joint statement to People magazine the couple said: "It is with tremendous sadness that we have come to the decision to divorce. We enter this next phase with continued friendship, love and respect for one another and the shared focus of caring for our son. We ask that you respect our and, most importantly, our child's privacy during this time.”

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Has 'X-Men Apocalypse' Doomed The Franchise?

Bryan Singer James McAvoy Michael Fassbender Jennifer Lawrence

It seems, according to critics, that 'X-Men Apocalypse' will be joining 'Batman v Superman' in the list of the most disappointing comic book superhero films of 2016, as the franchise returns with much less excitement than the synopsis and trailers suggested. A bit of a Marvel misfire as it were.

X-Men: Apocalypse'X-Men Apocalypse' hasn't found favour with critics

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the critics hated most about the latest instalment of the 'X-Men' series, which sees the return of director Bryan Singer in a story about the impending doom of mankind. The confusing plot, the poor character development and some overly blase moments made for 'a franchise-killing disaster' according to Forbes, who also said, 'I am not sure how you make Oscar Isaac as a world-destroying baddie dull, but the powers-that-be have pulled it off.' Ouch!

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John Boyega, James McAvoy And Ben Kingsley To Star In BBC / Netflix 'Watership Down' Re-Make

James McAvoy John Boyega Nicholas Hoult Ben Kingsley Olivia Colman Gemma Arterton Anne-Marie Duff

The BBC has teamed up with Netflix to announce a televisual re-make of children’s favourite 'Watership Down', which will feature an all-star cast including new Star Wars actor John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult and James McAvoy among others.

The new four-part animation was announced by the BBC in conjunction with streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday (April 27th), and with a reported budget of nearly £20 million, represents the biggest joint venture between the two organisations to date. Using state of the art animation, it will apparently be broadcast on BBC1 in late 2017, with Netflix giving it its premiere throughout the rest of the world.

John BoyegaJohn Boyega is to voice 'Bigwig' in a re-make of 'Watership Down' for BBC and Netflix

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X-Men Apocalypse - Teaser Trailer

Mutants and humans alike are familiar with the story of Apocalypse, he was the first mutant and began harnessing his power in ancient times. Now, millions of years after his reign, Apocalypse is reborn and finds himself in the middle of a modern society and shocked by the direction both human and mutant life has taken.

Feeling there are few options left, Apocalypse calls on the help of Magneto and a group of other mutants to help 'cleanse' the earth of all the citizens who have contributed to its downfall. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse - headed by Magneto - start to wreak havoc around the world and it looks like the X-Men's attempts to save it are all but lost - especially when their team is badly hurt by the loss of one member.

Brian Singer directs X-Men Apocalypse which reunites the lead cast from X-Men: Days of Future Past and sees the addition of Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse.

Victor Frankenstein Was A Bonding Experience For Mcavoy And Radcliffe

James McAvoy Daniel Radcliffe

Victor Frankenstein stars James McAvoy as the doctor and Daniel Radcliffe as his assistant Igor, and the two actors developed a close friendship on-set, despite their 10-year age difference and the challenges of making the movie. This is reflected in the film's plot. As McAvoy notes, "Igor has something that Frankenstein needs, so he harnesses him. Frankenstein is very selfish and personally driven, so he's always using, but something of Igor gets through to him and they do form a loving relationship."

James and Daniel play the lead roles in Victor Frankenstein

But Radcliffe says that the friendship he forged with McAvoy backstage is very different from what's on-screen. "Victor and Igor's relationship is quite an abusive one," he says. "I think James and I are fairly similar in terms of our work ethic. But we're lucky that we get to work in an industry where we can have a lot of fun while doing our jobs." Intriguingly, the character of Igor isn't even in Shelley's novel, but he's been important in the movies. "Victor and the monster have had plenty of time to get acquainted," says Radcliffe. "Now it's time for Victor and Igor! Something I found very interesting is that [screenwriter] Max Landis says one of his big inspirations for writing this film was The Social Network - this idea of two young guys on the tip of the spear of technology who are forging their ways forward and being told no and really overcoming it all with youthful rebellion and a complete lack of self-doubt. I find that rather exciting."

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James McAvoy Mistaken For Ewan McGregor By Fans

James McAvoy Ewan McGregor David Letterman

James McAvoy often gets mistaken for Ewan McGregor.

The 35-year-old actor has revealed supporters have approached him on several occasions because they think he is the 43-year-old Scottish star.

Speaking about one particular incident on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' last night (27.08.14), the actor, who is also from Scotland, recalled: ''I was in the gym not too long ago and this really nice little Argentinean girl came up to me and she was like, 'I love your films' and I was like, 'Thank you very much.'

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X-Men: Back Together Again In Days Of Future Past

Patrick Stewart James McAvoy Hugh Jackman

Possibly the biggest reunion movie of all time, X-men: Days of Future past isn't just a sequel to 2011's X-men: First Class, but also to the original 2000-2003 trilogy.

Days of Future PastJames McAvoy and Patrick Stewart confront younger and older versions of themselves in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Back from those first three films are director Bryan Singer, writer Simon Kinberg and cast members Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore.

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With 95%, 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Is The Best X-Men Movie. Period.

Hugh Jackman Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Jennifer Lawrence Michael Fassbender James McAvoy

The early reviews of X-Men: Days of Future Past were potentially damaging. There was talk of the narrative being far too complex for the average movie fan to enjoy and many were suggesting Bryan Singer had bitten off more than he could chew by having the beloved characters from the original X-Men trilogy joining forces with their younger selves. 

X Men Days of Future PastJames McAvoy [L] and Patrick Stewart [R]

Starring Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, X-Men: Days of Future Past is certainly a hotbed of serious acting talent, but very often, big names simply aren't enough to carry a poor script. Luckily, for 20th Century Fox, writers John Byrne, Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman haven't written a poor script. They haven't even written an overly complex script.

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James McAvoy Is Filthy Good In Movie Version Of Irvine Welsh's 'Filth' [Trailer + Pictures]

James McAvoy Irvine Welsh

It was an ambitious project, but one that seems to have paid off. Transferring Irvine Welsh’s brilliantly disgusting character, Bruce Robertson from page to screen in Filth sees James McAvoy excel, further swelling his already brilliant reputation.

Filth PosterThe critics have been waxing lyrical about Filth

The story follows Robertson – who is in fact an officer of the law, he’s PC Robertson – as he goes about his debouched ways. When a promotion rears its head and our benter-then-bent cop is enlisted to solve a brutal murder, he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if the aspirations of his colleagues threaten to block his path.

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Filth Review


As another full-on Irvine Welsh adaptation Trainspotting did in 1996, this bracingly original movie puts a new filmmaker on the map. Not only is this a loud blast of both style and substance, but it refuses to water down its subject matter, taking us through a shockingly profane story in a way that's both visually inventive and emotionally resonant.

This is the story of Bruce (McAvoy), an Edinburgh detective who's determined to beat his colleagues to a promotion. He's also a relentless womaniser, sexist, racist and drug addict. And he'll do anything to get ahead, hiding the sordid details of his private life from his boss (Sessions) while undermining the other cops at any chance while pretending to be their friends. In quick succession, he gets young Ray (Bell) addicted to cocaine, flirts continually with Amanda (Poots), has a fling with the kinky wife (Dickie) of fellow officer Gus (Lewis), torments Peter (Elliott) about his sexuality, and takes Bladesey (Marsan) on a sex-tourism holiday while making obscene calls to his needy wife (Henderson). All of this happens while Bruce leads the investigation into a grisly murder.

McAvoy dives so far into this role that we barely recognise him in there. Bruce is so amoral that we are taken aback by each degrading moment. And yet McAvoy somehow manages to hold our sympathy due to the film's blackly hilarious tone and a startling undercurrent of real emotion. Even though he's a monster, we see his boyish fragility, especially in surreal sequences involving his therapist (Broadbent), which merge with his fantasies, hallucinations and nightmares. 

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James McAvoy In 'Filth' > Robert De Niro In 'Taxi Driver'? Big Claim

James McAvoy Irvine Welsh Robert De Niro

The temptation to place classic performances, films and music on a pedestal and never let your mind’s eye topple them is strong. We hold a robust affection for culture gone by, and often struggle to let modern talent permeate the pantheon of classic big-screen behemoths.

James McAvoyMcAvoy in Welcome to The Punch

'Tosh,' says Irvine Welsh, who asserts that James McAvoy’s performance in Filth is better than that of Robert De Niro’s in Taxi Driver – a turn that would forever ensure him legendary status.

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Jane Austen's Ring Kept In UK - Despite Being Owned By Kelly Clarkson!

Kelly Clarkson JANE AUSTEN Anne Hathaway James McAvoy

JANE AUSTEN's ring was bought by Kelly Clarkson last year but it's still in the country! The turquoise and gold ring, once owned by Jane Austen, was bought by Clarkson last year at auction. She reported paid £152 450 for the item but has been fighting the British government to take it out of the country.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson outside the ITV Studios, London in 2011.

Culture minster Ed Vaizey is ensuring the ring remains on British soil by placing a temporary export bar on it. He has appealed for British buyers to come forward to offer to purchase the ring from the singer. They have until 30th September to match the price paid by Clarkson. If a buyer does not come forward before this time, the export bar will be lifted. 

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Video - 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Cast And Crew Are Introduced At Comic-Con Presentation

The cast and crew of upcoming X-Men film 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' congregated for a presentation at Comic-Con in San Diego. Director Bryan Singer, writer Simon Kinberg and producer Lauren Shuler Donner were there alongside a vast ensemble cast including Evan Peters (Quicksilver), Peter Dinklage (Bolivar Trask), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).

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Video - Patrick Stewart Laments Prof. X's Death While Jennifer Lawrence Misses Her Clothing In Comic-Con's 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Q&A - Part 2

The cast and crew of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' talk about time travel, character resurrection and seventies attire in a Q & A session at Comic-Con in San Diego. Among them are director Bryan Singer, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence.

Continue: Video - Patrick Stewart Laments Prof. X's Death While Jennifer Lawrence Misses Her Clothing In Comic-Con's 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Q&A - Part 2

Video - Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Get Sentimental During 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Comic-Con Q&A - Part 1

Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Nicholas Hoult get sentimental at an 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Q & A session at Comic-Con in San Diego. Director Bryan Singer and other members of the cast such as Ellen Page, Halle Berry, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence also talked about their happiness being back on the set.

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X-Men Steals The Show At San Diego Comic Con 2013

X-Men Ian McKellen Halle Berry Ellen Page Michael Fassbender Patrick Stewart Anna Paquin Peter Dinklage James McAvoy Shawn Ashmore Hugh Jackman Bryan Singer Jennifer Lawrence

The X-Men cast and crew appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. The huge cast for the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past appeared in Hall-H and was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart
X-Men stars Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart at the Variety Club Showbiz Awards held at the Grosvenor House, London.

The next film will see the cast doubled (quite literally) as the mutant superheroes have to travel in time to change an event which will, if not prevented, destroy mankind. The cast appeared en masse: each taking a few moments to address the audience or in Ian McKellan's case to flirt with Michael Fassbender.

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James McAvoy Needs To Clean Up His Act In Filth (Trailer)

James McAvoy Irvine Welsh Jamie Bell Imogen Poots Jim Broadbent

Filth, the latest movie to star James McAvoy, is an adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel of the same name and it has all the hallmarks of a classic Irvine Welsh movie adaptation, with its fast-paced, seedy cinematography and wry, snappy humour. The word filth takes on two meanings here. McAvoy plays the central character Bruce Robertson, who – by all accounts, is a pretty filthy kinda guy, he’s into some fairly unsavoury sexual practises and when his doctor asks if he’s been taking his medication, he’s only able to sort-of-honestly answer ‘yes’ because of all the illicit substances he’s been snorting. That’s not the only kind of ‘filth’ he is though – he’s also a police officer. A Detective Sergeant no less.

Robertson’s not one for abiding by the law, however and even when he’s on duty, he’s a pretty deceitful, dishonest kind of guy and will do anything to get one over on his colleagues, so that he can get a promotion. However, the combination of mind-altering drugs and the fact that he’s collapsing under a mountain of lies soon starts to take a toll on his sanity and wellbeing. Add to that the fact that he has a troubled marriage that he’s desperate to save and things aren’t looking great for him, all told.

This red-band trailer precedes the September release of the movie which also stars Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots, Joanne Froggett and Jim Broadbent

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Filth - Red Band Trailer

This trailer is only suitable for persons aged 18 or over.

Bruce Robertson is a vile, devious and emotionally disturbed individual who also happens to be a Detective Sergeant. Off duty, he lives a life of debauchery; snorting line after line of cocaine and indulging in sordid sexual encounters with numerous women while trying to control his unpredictable bipolar personality. On duty, he does everything within his power to trick, deceive and ruin the lives of his colleagues with whom he competes to achieve a promotion to detective inspector. He does nothing to hide his radical views on race and women as he attempts to solve a grisly murder that seems to have more to it than he initially thought. With the web of lies he weaves throughout his life, will he be able to sort out truths from the untruths in order to maintain his sanity as his deteriorating mental health threatens to cripple him? And will he ever be reunited with the wife he is so desperate to resolve things with?

Adapted from the novel by Irvine Welsh, 'Filth' has been directed and written by Jon S. Baird ('Cass') and sees an intense star-studded cast convert to screen an compelling story of insanity, romance and deceit. This shocking 18-rated crime drama is set to hit UK cinemas in September 2013.

Trance Review

Very Good

Danny Boyle is obviously having a ball with this thriller, deploying every cinematic trick he can think of to throw the audience off the track. But sometimes too much of a good thing is annoying. And while this film holds our interest, it also reveals early on that we simply can't trust anything we see on-screen. So while it's expertly shot and edited, and the actors make the most of their shifty characters, it's not easy to just sit back and enjoy the show.

McAvoy stars as Simon, an auctioneer presiding over the sale of a £30 million Goya painting, which promptly goes missing after an elaborate heist. Simon suffers a head injury in the assault, and can't remember anything, which is a problem when it turns out that he was working with criminal mastermind Franck (Cassel). Now Franck and his goons (Sapani, Cross and Sheikh) want to know where the painting is, so they enlist hypnotherapist Elizabeth (Dawson) to help Simon recover his memory using a series of unconventional methods. But she wants her share of the cash. 

Yes, the further they travel into Simon's mind, the stranger things get. McAvoy has little to do here but look dazed in between moments of lucidity that generally spark something horribly violent. Opposite his understated performance, Cassel can hardly help but be a lot flashier as a menacing charmer. And Dawson has a fierce presence as a woman who quickly takes control of every situation she's in. Although Dawson also has to contend with a couple of leery nude scenes that go further than what was strictly necessary.

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Welcome To The Punch Review


After the tiny drama Shifty, British filmmaker Creevy turns to both Hong Kong and Hollywood for inspiration, creating an unusually glossy, explosive London cop thriller. But for all the sleek filmmaking and energetic action, the film struggles to make us care about characters who are dark and troubled. Their complexity is interesting, but not hugely engaging.

Adding to the visual sheen, the action is set among the gleaming glass and steel skyscrapers of Canary Wharf in East London, where detective Max (McAvoy) is still struggling to accept his inability to stop a heist three years earlier. The mastermind Jacob (Strong) managed to escape then, but he's back in town now, so Max is chomping at the bit to grab him. Max's lieutenant (Morrissey) tells him to back off, but he secretly works with his partner Sarah (Riseborough) to join the hunt. Meanwhile, Jacob teams up with an old pal (Mullan) to find out why one of the gang members (Harris) is on a murderous rampage. Which puts Jacob on a collision course with Max.

With so much full-on gunplay in a city where cops aren't actually armed, the film feels like it's set in some sort of parallel reality London. And Creevy augments this fantasy tone by indulging in shootouts that are sudden and brutal - like John Woo crossed with Michael Mann. The plot is full of clever twists, as motivations are revealed and a political conspiracy becomes apparent. It's all a bit convoluted and implausible, and the details are annoyingly murky, but within this premise the cast are able to find some emotional resonance.

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James McAvoy Talks Welcome To The Punch In New Interview

James McAvoy

James McAvoy has a busy year coming up with three new projects set to see the light of day. The actor, who has recently been receiving rave for reviews for his performances on stage in the Shakespeare play Macbeth, will be starring in Welcome To The Punch – a London cop thriller starring Mark Strong. Then he stars for Danny Boyle in the action thriller Trance, and then finally he appears in Filth, based on the Irvine Welsh novel.

McAvoy spoke to contactmusic.com about his upcoming role in Welcome To The Punch, and commented that he was drawn to the role because of “the fact that it seemed very determined not to be your usual geezer, gangster, "street", apples-and-pears London crime thriller.” Continuing, he added of the Eran Creevy-directed film “I've seen lots of them be great as well, but its willingness to not rely on gritty British realism is something that seemed refreshing. And although it is definitely taking strong points from the Hong Kong action genre movies and from Michael Mann, which Eran is totally open about, it felt quite fresh in terms of what Britain produces.”

James McAvoy

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James McAvoy - Interview

Interview with James McAvoy

After a couple of years off, James McAvoy has the leading role in three big British films in 2013. First is the American-style London cop thriller Welcome to the Punch, opposite Mark Strong, then he teams up with Danny Boyle for the action movie Trance, and later this year he leads the starry cast of Filth, based on the notorious Irvine Welsh novel. Meanwhile, he's been getting rave reviews in the title role in Shakespeare's Macbeth on a London West End stage before he rejoins the X-men for the super-sequel Days of Future Past.

You've been getting great reviews for Macbeth.
We've done really well. But it's the most physical thing I've ever done - ever! Including any action movie. So to do it for two-and-a-half hours straight every single night, eight times a week, I'm literally falling to pieces at the moment! Proper aches and pains. I nearly broke someone's knee the other night, and they nearly broke my face.

So playing a gun-toting London cop in Welcome to the Punch was a breeze?
Yes, this was a total laugh, largely thanks to [director] Eran Creevy, who's a lovely guy to work for. So passionate, so enthusiastic. He's like Danny Boyle in that respect, because the enthusiasm and the energy flies off him and kind of spears us all.

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Welcome To The Punch Trailer

Max Lewinsky is a determined police detective who remains bitter about never managing to find and arrest the elusive criminal that is Jacob Sternwood. However, he is in with another chance of victory when Sternwood leaves his hideout in Iceland to return to the streets of London where his son Ruan is lying unconscious in a hospital bed after suffering a near-fatal bullet wound to the stomach during a heist that went wrong. Knowing that Sternwood will attempt to sneak in to the hospital to see his son and also attempt to smuggle him out under the police's nose, Lewinsky pulls out all the stops in the biggest effort of his career to catch this former criminal and reinstate his flawless reputation. However, as they come face to face, the both of them find themselves in the middle of a much bigger scheme and the pair must work together to uncover the shady truth.

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James McAvoy Gets The Critics And Stars Excited With His Performance In Macbeth

James McAvoy Stephen Merchant Beverley Knight Hugh Bonneville

James McAvoy in Macbeth is causing quite a stir. Both the critics and the stars in the audience have lavished praise over the Scottish actor who has applied his trade in Hollywood, in X Men and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. He is perhaps best known, though, for his roles in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement.

Stephen Merchant said he “loved it. I loved the bloodiness of it, the passion and the youthfulness of it, which was a nice take on the play.” Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville said of him, “James McAvoy is a brilliant actor, full stop,” while singer Beverley Knight had kind words for the plays writer. “Only Shakespeare himself could come up with the words to describe what I’ve just seen. I’m at a bit of a loss. It was so spellbinding, so intense, incredibly gripping. I thought I knew the play but now I’m seeing it with fresh eyes. It was absolutely unreal,” she said. The Director of the play, Jamie Lloyd, said of the play: “It's an apposite, urgent play for today, and that's why I don't want it to be set in period. I don't want the production to be a reflection of a time long past, I want it to resonate here and now."

James McAvoy on the set of 'Trance'

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Trance Trailer

Simon is a successful auctioneer of fine art who gets tracked down by a ruthless gang of organised criminals after an extremely valuable painting seen at one auction gets lost. He is subject to brutal torture as they fruitlessly try to uncover the artwork and he finds himself teaming up with the professional hypnotherapist Elizabeth to access the information in his brain that he can't quite reach. His life depends on him making the right choice between forcing himself to remember and letting himself forget the location of the painting but soon he finds that reality, suggestion and general delusions are becoming distorted putting more than just his life at stake, but also his sanity. 

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Claire Foy Announced As Lady Macbeth Also Starring James McAvoy

Posted on04 January 2013

Claire Foy Announced As Lady Macbeth Also Starring James Mcavoy

Floating Skulls At Their Ready: James McAvoy To Take On MacBeth In New West End Production

James McAvoy Kenneth Branagh Macbeth

James McAvoy can add future King of Scotland to his resumé when he takes to the West End stage early next year for a new production of Shakespeare's Macbeth, run by director Jamie Lloyd.

The updated production will be held at the newly opened Traf Transformed theatre at Trafalgar Studio in Whitehall, beginning in February next year (13), running from February 9 until  April 27. The latest version has been re-written by Lloyd and is set in a dystopian separatist Scotland, which has been ravaged by war. Although little else has been revealed about the plot of the latest adaption, is is believed that the story will largely follow Shakespeare's original plot, with the setting and a few other details being changed for the new adaption.

After the show's run, McAvoy will be heading back to Hollywood to film the sequel for last years X Men: First Class, where he will reclaim his role as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Don't worry if you want to see Macbeth after McAvoy calls it quits though, as the newly knighted Sir Kenneth Branagh will be teaming up with director Rob Ashford to bring their own interpretation of the Bard's most famous story at the Manchester International Festival in July.

James McAvoy To Play Macbeth In New West End Show

James McAvoy

Scottish star James McAvoy will play his nation's most famous royal when he takes to the stage to portray Macbeth next year in the latest adaption of Shakespeare's most famous play.

McAvoy will portray the tragic King on stage at Trafalgar Studios from February 9 to April 27, 2013 in the latest version of one The Bard's best known plays, which is being helmed by Jamie Lloyd. The new version will thrust the original forward a few hundred years, and is set in a dystopian future version of Scotland, where Macbeth takes on his power struggle with the help (or rather hindrance) of his maniac wife - with the actress portraying Lady Macbeth yet to be announced.

Speaking to reporters about the unveiling of his new star, Lloyd said: "I am thrilled to announce the first production for Trafalgar Transformed - a season of politically-charged power plays on the doorstep of Whitehall, accompanied by a festival of platform events, discussions and readings. We hope to welcome new and diverse audiences to the West End and I am very excited to engage with schools and other groups via a series of bespoke workshops and master classes."

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James Mcavoy To Play Macbeth In London's West End Feb 2013

Posted on07 December 2012

James Mcavoy To Play Macbeth In London's West End Feb 2013

A New Star For The Scottish Play - James McAvoy To Play Macbeth

James McAvoy

James McAvoy is returning to the stage for the first time since 2009, to play the lead role in The Scottish Play. We’re not sure if it’s bad luck to type the real name of the Shakespeare play, or just to say it out loud, so with some trepidation, we confirm, that is Macbeth. James McAvoy will play Macbeth, in Macbeth (hey, in for a penny, in for a pound).

The Atonement star will star in Jamie Lloyd’s production; part of a season of work at Whitehall’s Trafalgar Studios, entitled Trafalgar Transformed. The last time McAvoy was onstage was in the Olivier nominated Three Days of Rain, at the Apollo Theatre, in 2009. According to The Independent, Lloyd’s version of the Shakesperian classic will be set in a “dystopian Scotland brutalised by war” and will depict Macbeth’s “tormented struggle for power fuelled by ambition and paranoia under a toxic fog.” In a statement, Lloyd said “We hope to welcome new and diverse audiences to the West End and I am very excited to engage with schools and other groups via a series of bespoke workshops and masterclasses.”

Tickets for Monday performances with be priced at £15. Half of those tickets will be made available via an outreach scheme aimed at school pupils and first-time theatre goers. In addition to this, all daytime performances will be available for £10 per ticket, for Tuesday to Saturday.

Video - James McAvoy Ate Spaghetti Bolognese At Christmas

Scottish actor James McAvoy (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Wanted; The Last King Of Scotland) takes part in a satellite interview to promote his new movie 'Arthur Christmas' in London. He talks about his belief in Santa as a child and recalls one Christmas where he ate spaghetti Bolognese instead of the more traditional 'turkey with all the trimmings'. James also reveals that there is a camera in the recording studio that films the actor's facial expressions and upper body movements, which may get used in the film itself.

James can next be seen in the 2012 action thriller film Welcome To The Punch, alongside Mark Strong and Peter Mullan and the Danny Boyle directed Trance, alongside Rosario Dawson. Trance is expected to be released in 2013

Arthur Christmas Review

Very Good

This lively holiday romp has a steady stream of sharp verbal and visual gags that hold our interest. Even when the plot stalls in the middle, it's difficult to stop chuckling at the filmmakers' deranged sense of humour.

At the North Pole, Santa (Broadbent) is a bit complacent after 70 years on the job, letting his heir-apparent son Steve (Laurie) convert Christmas Eve into a high-tech black-ops style mission executed with military precision. To Steve, missing one child is an insignificant statistic. But Steve's younger brother Arthur (McAvoy) disagrees, and teams up with his feisty Grandsanta (Nighy) to make sure the last gift is delivered the old fashioned way.

Yes, the film is a riot of clashes between tradition and progress, the wisdom of the years and youthful vigour. Fortunately, the serious themes are subverted, hilariously playing with our expectations and never turning into a nostalgic paean to the olden days. That said, this British production does feel eerily co-opted by Hollywood, from the use of the American "Santa Claus" (no one ever calls him "Father Christmas", which might have made sense of the film's odd title) to the somewhat feeble attempts to ramp up the action and suspense. Not to mention a massive wave of sentimentality at the end.

But even this is undermined by Baynham (Borat) and director Smith's script, which maintains a dry British sense of humour and gives the strong vocal cast plenty of snappy material to play with. While most of the characters are a bit unmemorable, Nighy gets the best lines: Grandsanta as an old coot full of surprises, including some terrific rude jokes and an amusingly animated hound-style old reindeer sidekick. Staunton also has some terrific dialog as the underestimated Mrs Santa.

Visually the film is brightly colourful, amusingly designed with small sight gags and continual Christmas imagery. While the characters look a little plasticky, the settings are gorgeously rendered, and the flying sleigh sequences almost make it worth seeing in 3D. The problem is that the film feels stretched out by random antics and underdeveloped plot-threads along the way that add nothing to the overall story. So we get tired of the bumbling chaos, mainly because we know exactly where it's got to end up.

The Conspirator Review

Robert Redford revisits the Lincoln assassination with this earnest historical drama. Being a relatively obscure chapter of American history, the story is pretty fascinating, although the film is so parched that it rarely comes alive.

After the President is murdered in 1865, inexperienced lawyer Frederick (McAvoy) is assigned to defend Mary Surratt (Wright), who is charged with conspiracy alongside eight others. As a war hero from the North, Frederick is horrified to get this job, but is convinced by his boss (Wilkinson) that she at least deserves a fair trial. Of course, in the hysteria following the war and assassination, that's not likely. The judge (Meaney) clearly takes sides, the prosecutor (Huston) is relentlessly arrogant and the war secretary (Kline) has already decided on a verdict and sentence.

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The Last Station Review

A double love story based on real events from the life of Leo Tolstoy, this period film combines comedy and emotion in a way that's always entertaining, even if it sometimes feels camp and contrived.

Valentin (McAvoy) is a young Tolstoyan in 1910 assigned by the movement's leader Chertkov (Giamatti) to keep an eye on Leo Tolstoy (Plummer) and his sceptical wife Sofya (Mirren). But what Valentin finds is a lively, loving marriage that's strong enough to include opposing views. This isn't good enough for Chertkov, who moves to get Leo to change his will to leave everything to the movement. Which of course enrages Sofya. Meanwhile, Valentin is experiencing his first flush of love with a Tolstoyan commune resident (Condon).

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Wanted Review

Very Good
A scrawny, self-loathing office drone gets plucked from his humdrum existence by a steely, gun-wielding super babe, is mentored by a Zen warrior with limitless intelligence but limited patience, then endures harsh physical training to prepare for a deadly mission only he can complete.

What sounds an awful lot like The Matrix is actually Wanted, an adaptation of Mark Millar's 2004 comic book miniseries by style-conscious Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov. His name may ring a bell with adventurous moviegoers who sampled his frenzied vampire thriller Night Watch and its muddled sequel, Day Watch. And though it's unlikely Bekmambetov will become a household name once Wanted explodes on the scene, a wider audience certainly will become more familiar with the director's uniquely kinetic aesthetics.

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