James Marsden says women shouldn't feel ashamed of sex.

The actor is set to hit the big screen in 'Walk of Shame' - a story which follows a young woman whose one night stand leaves her stranded in Los Angeles with only eight hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life - but he insists there should be no shame in sex.

Talking to bustle.com, he said: ''Here's how I feel about the whole thing - adults who are doing this kind of thing [sex] consensually, there shouldn't be any shame at all.

''We're adults, and if someone is feeling shameful, we should feel equally as shameful. It shouldn't be something just women feel. I'm a big advocate of neither one feeling shameful, if you're doing it responsibly.

''I think there are so many wastes of energy out there in the world these days ... you shouldn't feel shameful, you should be smiling and say, 'That was fun!' I don't want to advocate irresponsible behaviour, but that's my two cents.''