When the Annual Academy Awards 2018 nominations were revealed this week, one of the biggest surprises came in the form of 'Logan' being in contention to take home the accolade for Best Adapted Screenplay. Starring Hugh Jackman in the titular role alongside the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen, the film was directed by James Mangold, who also wrote the screenplay alongside Scott Frank and Michael Green.

James Mangold served as director and writer on 'Logan'James Mangold served as director and writer on 'Logan'

The nomination is not only surprising, but makes history as the first comic book movie to take one of the slots in the battle for the Oscar prize. There has been plenty of discussion surrounding exactly why it broke the mould, but now Mangold has waded in with his own opinion. 

Speaking with LA Times, the filmmaker explained: "On this film, we really focused on doing something different: a dramatic and character-driven film rather than trying to compete in the arms race of comic-book films… ‘I can spend more than you, I can blow up more than you.’ We wanted to make a film that operated on the character engine and emotion."

Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in 'Logan'Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in 'Logan'

Whether or not Mangold is correct in his assumptions isn't something we'll likely ever discover in detail, but his points are unquestionable. 'Logan' is one of the most emotional and compelling films to sit within the superhero genre, bringing the world of comic books to the big screen in a gritty and disturbing way that's rarely been seen in the past.

'Logan' came at a time when other Marvel movies, albeit under the umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, would provide bright and explosive adventures with happy endings and only implied violence. Fight scenes would be without blood, and characters would crack jokes every few seconds.

Instead of following in the same vein, 'Logan' defied all of the rules that had been set out, taking its R-rating and running with it. Everybody involved had a clear passion to make the movie a success, and that, for me at least, is exactly why it's sitting in contention to take home an Oscar.

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We'll bring you more movie news ahead of this year's Annual Academy Awards as and when we get it.