Review of Fabriclive.01 - James Lavelle Album by James Lavelle

Fabriclive Mixed by James Lavelle

Review of Fabriclive Mixed by James Lavelle

Ever the mother of invention where Djing is concerned, James Lavelle has been spreading his massage of DJ eclectica for well over a decade.

Not content to settle himself amidst either of the rampant and growing scenes of the early nineties ie the house scene or the acid jazz scene, he comfortably took influences from both and added anything else that took his fancy. An inspiring and truly original DJ then, and judging by this CD, nothing has changed with age.
His desire to follow the rules remains as non-existent as it always has been.

A quick ogle of the tracklisting tells you this album is going to be pretty unique. Styles range from a prog rock/psychedelic intro by the Psychonauts, through an electro middle portion claimed by Green Velvet and with a grand and twisted finale by Radiohead. All with the predominant sound of raw, live drums rather than sampled beats Constructed like a club night with the styles shifting accordingly and the more full bore techno/house tunes dominating the main body of the CD, this album is an education and a true reflection of the wonderfully diverse but quality tunes you are likely to hear down at Fabric in London, every Friday night, courtesy of the resident Mr Lavelle.

This CD is part of a series of mix CDs to be released monthly on Fabrics own label.