Metallica frontman James Hetfield has resolved a longrunning dispute with Californian authorities over his decision to block off a hiking trail which cuts through his land.
The Enter Sandman rocker erected a metal fence on his estate in Marin County, California to protect his land from vandals, but the move sparked outrage among those who used the path for leisure activities.
After more than three years of negotiations, local authorities have agreed to build a new trail around Hetfield's land, which he bought in 1999 but has yet to build on.
Work on the path began in May (11) and Hetfield has agreed to let construction workers access the site through his property and help pay for improvements to the roads.
Chris Bramham, superintendent of capital projects for the Marin Open Space District, tells the Marin Independent Journal, "The access makes it easier for us to build the trail. And he paid for the road improvements, too. We have no complaints with him... When it's done it will be beautiful."
The project will cost more than $650,000 (£406,000) and is expected to be completed in September (11).