James Garner, an icon of 20th century cinema, passed away on Saturday from natural causes. He was 86. Since then, the world of entertainment has commemorated his life with messages, tributes  numerous recaps of his career.

Garner’s run in Hollywood lasted for over five decades and he starred in dozens of iconic movies, from TV classics like Maverick, to iconic films like The Great Escape and Victor/Victoria, to modern day blockbusters like The Notebook.

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He got his start in films back in the late 50s/early 60s with shows Maverick and The Rockford Files. His looks made him an instant hit and quickly cemented his place as a leading man in television, opening up his path to bigger and better opportunities in cinema. He played roles to match – quick-witted, charming and morally ambiguous, his characters never failed to capture the hearts of his viewers.

Garner was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the 1985 romantic comedy Murphy’s Romance opposite Sally Field, but of all his work, he told reporters he was proudest of the anti-war film The Americanization of Emily (1964). The veteran experience was close to the actor, who had two Purple Hearts, given to him for injuries he received in the Korean war.