Esteemed actor James Garner has written a new memoir in which he promises to hold nothing back. The 83 year-old has had one the more glittering careers in film and television since making a splash in the Western television series 'Maverick' which ran from 1957 to 1960, playing lead character Bret Maverick. Subsequently co-starring in roles alongside the likes of Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen, Garner has plenty to say in his new book, called 'The Garner Files'. The Inquisitr reports that the actor has written his intentions to be as candid as possible, saying "Something funny happens as you get older. You don't hold back so much."
Garner isn't perhaps as forthcoming with praise for his celebrated co-stars as you might think, in fact in more than one instance he disparages them, viewing 'Great Escape' actors MCQueen and Bronson a poseur and bitter respectively. Away from those barbs though Garner reportedly cuts a humble figure in the book, so says Usa Today, modest for a man who went on to appear in seminal TV series like 'The Rockford Files' between 1974 and 1980 and working right up until the end of the last decade with roles including a grumpy Grandfather in ABC sitcom '8 Simple Rules'.
Of all the films that Garner has appeared in over his 50 plus years on stage, the actor has one special one that he views as his favourite, saying of 1964's 'The Americanization of Emily', Garner said, "Audiences have come around to it, and it's now a cult favorite and a minor classic . Unfortunately, it hasn't put war out of style".