The greatest TV show of all time has another prestigious accolade to boast of, as The Writers Guild of America considers it the best written show of all time.

It tops a list that contains the likes of Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad and older hits like The Twilight Zone, M.A.S.H and All In The Family. Airing from 1999 to 2007, The Sopranos redefined the genre of drama, placing viewers in a world of crime and extortion, while simultaneously exploring the intricacies of family life and the human condition. James Gandolfini was lauded for his extraordinary turn as Tony Soprano, and has only sporadically acted since his mammoth 6-season role as the New Jersey crime lynchpin. On Metacritic, The Sopranos rarely got an overall season rating, apart from the last, which managed a whopping 96%. It’s a good list for Mad Men too, which is the highest ranked show that is currently on the air. The AMC show has been increasingly popular over the years, and is currently in its fifth season.

Some controversies, though; The Wire – considered, like The Sopranos, to be one of the best – only just made the top 10, while The Simpsons, which has managed an unprecedented 25 seasons, didn’t. Louis C.K’s Louie, which challenges the conventions of traditional writing, is way down at #99; a surprise considering the critics have called it one of the best comedies of its generation. And of course, there were a few notable exceptions too, with more modern series taking up the majority of the list.

The full list is available on the WGA website.

James Gandolfini
Michael Imperioli, Steve Schirripa and James Gandolfini all played major roles in The Sopranos

James GandolfiniGandolfini and that trademark grin