The trailer for The Drop - James Gandolfini's final movie before his untimely death last year - has rolled out online. Co-starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, the crime-drama centers on Brooklyn's gangster underworld and particularly a bar owned by Gandolfini's Freddie that acts as a premises for criminal 'drops' of cash.

James Gandolfini The DropJames Gandolfini in 'The Drop'

Freddie's cousin Ronnie, played by Hardy, works as a bartender, but a robbery upsets the fine balance of their lives.

The Drop is written Dannis Lehane (from his short story Animal Rescue), whose novels Shutter Island, Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone have been adapted successfully for the screen. He's also written episodes of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire. Its director Michael R. Roskam impressed with his debut feature Bullhead, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

James Gandolfini Tom Hardy The DropJames Gandolfini [L] and Tom Hardy [R] in 'The Drop'

Gandolfini died of a heart attack while holidaying in Italy last year. Of course, he is most celebrated for his portrayal of Tony Soprano in HBO's classic The Sopranos - regarded by many as the finest drama series of all time. 

From the trailer, we can gather than Gandolfini and Hardy actually work pretty well together on-screen. During an interview with Belgian paper De Morgen, director Roskam said of the younger actor:

"[Tom Hardy] says of himself that he's not an easy guy to work with. But he's really sweet.He can be very sweet. But you also need to be wary. He's a super intelligent guy though. I just think it's not easy to be Tom Hardy. But I like him very much. But in the beginning there was some sniffing around, like two dogs."

Watch 'The Drop' trailer:

Following Gandolfini's death, Fox released another of his posthumous movies - the comedy Enough Said with Julia-Louis Dreyfus. The film won a slew of awards and was generally considered to be not just the finest comedy of the year, but one of the year's finest movies, period.

The Drop hits theaters in the U.S. on 19 September 2014.

Tom Hardy The DropTom Hardy in 'The Drop'

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