James Gandolfini's young son took his father's place on the red carpet for the premiere of the late actor's final movie at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada on Friday (05Sep14).

The Sopranos star's 14-year-old boy Michael attended the screening of The Drop, the last film his father made before his death in June last year (13), and spoke to reporters about his late dad.

Michael told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm just really proud of him. He loved acting. He loved being an actor. I know how hard he worked and I love how hard he worked.... So I love seeing him (onscreen), but at the same time it's hard."

The youngster was on vacation with his father in Italy when the 51 year old suffered a fatal heart attack at the hotel where they were staying.

Director Michael R. Roskam also spoke of Gandolfini's loss at The Drop premiere, revealing the screening brought back a lot of memories for the cast: "It's sinking in. I'm feeling it. We're all feeling it. We were talking all yesterday about him, all night about the memories."

Gandolfini's co-star Tom Hardy adds, "I was very grateful to have the privilege of working with him. He was so talented."