James Gandolfini is on the charm offensive opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Enough Said – the last film before the Sopranos actor tragically died back in June from a heart attack. In this trailer, he exhibits the comic acting that made some of his best roles so darkly funny.

Enough Said posterGandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus star in Enough Said

But don’t worry, he’s not at all dark in Enough Said, just a middle-aged man so comfortable in his own skin, he’ll wear pyjamas on a ‘first date’. Take a look at the trailer below.

Louis-Dreyfus plays a masseuse who stars falling for a man she met at a party, only to find out one of her new clients is her ex-husband. She has only bad reviews for her ex, played by Gandolfini, which leads Louis-Dreyfus into having serious doubts about her new romantic venture.

Here's the trailer for Enough Said

“I think Jim would say he was nervous because he was playing a role unlike any other role he played before and a role in which he gets the girl and he was sort of uncomfortable with that,” Louis-Dreyfus told Access Hollywood about working with the late great actor. “He plays a really earnest, mild mannered, dear person. Frankly, very close to what he is [and] he was. I think he was a little bit insecure about it, but he did the most amazing job,' she added.

Enough Said – directed by Nicole Holofcener – will be released on September 20th after it debuts at the Toronto Film Festival. It’ll be worth a watch just to see Gandolfini in action once again, we reckon.