When James Franco hit on that Scottish 17 year old we were really hoping he was going to say it was part of the promotion for his film Palo Alto. The thing is, James Franco sort of had it all. Aside from resembling a modern day Greek God, the Masters educated Hollywood star put in an Academy Award nominated performance in 127 Hours and does tons of charity work. Like, seriously, what’s not to like?  On paper he's just too good to be true.

James Franco WeirdnessJames Franco has become synonymous with 'weird' in recent months

Now, we all like a bit of quirk, there’s something even more attractive about a gorgeous man who doesn’t mind a smidgen of silliness. So when James Franco began posting bizarre images on his Instagram account, cryptic tweets on his Twitter and a myriad of selfies on his Facebook, we were all, “Oh, James Franco, thou art so silly.”

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But then the whole teenager “Shall I rent a room” thing happened. For under-rock-dwellers, Franco totally didn’t seem to realise that 17 year old girls like talking. Particularly if one of them is invited to partake in the bumping of nasties with a film star.

For a day everyone speculated (and hoped) that Franco was promoting Palo Alto, in which a soccer coach and a younger student embark on a relationship, although he quickly confirmed this wasn’t the case. “I used bad judgement and I learned my lesson,” Franco told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their morning talk show.

In one swift 'Send' Franco morphed from a desirable enigma to, well, a bit of a creep. You're 36, dude.  We expect it off some celebrities, but James Franco?  It was the day the dream died.  The facade was broken, the smokescreen of his allure cracked. Since then, sh*t’s just got weirder. Franco posted a full frontal nude on Instagram, with just his hand covering his genitals, which was pretty swiftly removed. He’s been snapping images of his interpretive artwork and posting it on the social media site (don’t get us wrong, we’re actually huge admirers of ‘Seth At Rest’ - a nude of Seth Rogan sleeping/fondling his nipple) along with a variety of self-made Memes.

Don't get us wrong, we’re all for Franco’s weirdness. Without the teenage girl saga, we’d actually have been avid supporters of him becoming even weirder. But we can’t help but wonder, with the news that a documentary based on a year in the actor’s life, aptly named Franco: A Documentary, whether his fairly recent social media fetish is all part of a game plan, y’know, a la Joaquin Phoenix.

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