James Franco, who is an Oscar nominated actor, has finally given his opinion on the recent erratic behaviour of Shia LaBeouf.

Since the 35 year-old is also an artist, he is forced to take an "empathetic view" when trying to explain Shia "acting out."

Franco recently wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times, which was published on Wednesday (Feb 19th), and was titled "Why Actors Act Out."

The '127 Hours' star stated his worry and support for LaBeouf, as he wrote, "Though the wisdom of some of his actions may seem questionable, as an actor and artist I'm inclined to take an empathetic view of his conduct."

Franco then recaps the 'Transformer' actor's recent bizarre behaviour which includes, being accused of plagiarising the work of graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, storming out of a press conference in Berlin after only answering one question, and then wear paper bag over his head with the words "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" written across it.

Most recently the 'Nymphomaniacs' actor set up an art installation entitled #IAMSORRY at a Los Angeles gallery, to run daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"This behavior," Franco's article reads, "could be a sign of many things, from a nervous breakdown to mere youthful recklessness. For Mr. LaBeouf's sake I hope it is nothing serious."

Adding, "Indeed I hope - and, yes, I know that this idea has pretentious or just plain ridiculous overtones - that his actions are intended as a piece of performance art, one in which a young man in a very public profession tries to reclaim his public persona."

James, who is also a director and writer, also comments on the effect acting in the public eye can have on an individual, especially if expectations and assumption are made.

"Mr. LaBeouf has been acting since he was a child, and often an actor's need to tear down the public creation that constrains him occurs during the transition from young man to adult," Franco writes.

He finishes his article by stating, "I think Mr. LaBeouf's project, if it is a project, is a worthy one. I just hope that he is careful not to use up all the good will he has gained as an actor in order to show us that he is an artist."

Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf wore a paper bag over his head to the 'Nymphomaniacs' premiere