James Franco looks to be a busy man at the moment - and we're not just talking about his Instagram selfie habit. Ever the hard worker, the 'Child Of God' star has taken on an enormous amount of projects this year - each one more different than the next - whether it's acting, directing, writing or producing. 

James Franco at the New York screening of 'Child of God'
James Franco is taking no breaks this year

His most recent movie roles include controversial romance 'Palo Alto', action thriller 'Homefront', London set crime movie 'Good People' and, obviously, the aforementioned violent drama 'Child Of God'. So what's coming up in the near future?

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True Story
Franco joins buddy Jonah Hill in this upcoming literally 'true story' drama based on the memoirs of journalist Michael Finkel. Finkel was fired by the New York Times after making a bad decision on a story, but soon after he is informed by police that a dangerous murderer named Christian Longo has been on the run since murdering his family and is currently living under Finkel's name. The two men find a connection and a very unsual relationship unfolds. 'True Story' is just one of Franco and Hill's current projects together; they are also working on animated comedy 'Sausage Party' which is set for 2016 and the pair previously teamed up with apocalyptic comedy 'This Is The End'.

It seems James Franco is a multi-talented kind of guy, not least with being involved in all areas of film including writing and directing. In 2010, he published a series of short stories in a book called 'Palo Alto' and 'Yosemite' is just one of those tales. Set in California's Yosemite National Park, the film follows a group of teenagers under threat of a hungry mountain lion. It has been written and directed by Gabrielle Demeestere who previously co-directed 2012's 'Forever Love' in which Franco and Dennis Hopper's son Henry Hopper starred together for the first time. The pair are back on set together in this new drama - and that can only be a good thing.

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Queen of the Desert
Featuring alongside a pretty impressive cast including Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson and Damian Lewis, Franco stars in another biographical drama based on the life of Gertrude Bell; a traveller, an archaeologist and a spy known for her extensive and influential work in the Middle East. Werner Herzog is at the helm for this movie, whose work includes 2005's 'Grizzly Man' and 2006's 'Rescue Dawn'. Franco will play Henry Cadogan (with whom he shares a rather extraordinary resemblance), an Earl also known as Viscount Chelsea.

James Franco and Scott Haze at 'The Long Shrift' opening
Franco with his 'boyfriend' Scott Haze

The Sound and the Fury
Franco certainly enjoys his adaptations and 'The Sound and the Fury' is one of his latest book-to-film features, based on the 1929 novel by William Faulkner. The movie stars his old pal Seth Rogen as well as his roommate Scott Haze - the latter of whom generated a bit of news recently when Gawker alleged that the pair were in a homosexual relationship (they're not). The movie follows the lives of the troubled Compson family in Jefferson, Mississippi and it is his latest project with Haze who also starred in his crime thriller 'Child of God'.

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