James Franco hid from a sex-crazed Lindsay Lohan when they were living near each other.

The 36-year-old actor claims was staying at the Bungalow 89 of the Chateau Marmont near Sunset Boulevard when the 'Mean Girls' actress managed to get hold of the keys to his room at some point before the 2011 Oscars and would look for him every night.

He penned a short story for Vice magazine entitled 'Bungalow 89', where he confessed: ''For nine months, while they fixed my house, I was staying in the bungalows... Lindsay Lohan was there too. [It] was her home, and the staff were her servants. She got my room key. One night she came in at 3 AM. I woke up on the couch, trying not to look surprised. Instead of f***ing her, I read her a short story about a neglected daughter... Every night Lindsay looked for me... Every night Lindsay looked for me, and I hid. Out the window was Hollywood.''

James went as far as claiming she screamed homophobic slurs when he refused to let her in after having slid the dead bolt across the door to ensure he was secure inside.

He added: ''She said, 'James, open the door.'

''Across the room was a picture of a boy dressed as a sailor with a red sailor cap, and except for his blondish hair (closer to my brother's color) he looked like me.

''She said, 'Open the door, you bookworm punk blogger f****t.' ''