The British late night presenter is gearing up for his first U.S. primetime special to celebrate a year on the air with The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday (29Mar16). In the episode, he rides along with Jennifer Lopez for his popular Carpool Karaoke segment, and during the trip, he gets a hold of her cell phone and texts "the most famous man in the planet".

James didn't reveal the identity of the male celebrity, but admitted he signed the text, "J Lo (from the block)", and the mystery star wrote back.

When James was recalling the encounter during an interview on The Talk on Tuesday (29Mar16), he grabbed the phone nearest to him, which happened to belong to rock matriarch Sharon.

James began looking through her contacts, and Sharon exclaimed, "I don't know anyone famous!", to which the funnyman replied, "You do know someone famous - your husband!"

After scrolling past names such as Cyndi Lauper, Queen's Brian May, and former British royal Sarah Ferguson," James asked if the Black Sabbath star was under "Ozzy" or a different moniker, to which Sharon revealed, "No, it's 'Daddy'."

James asked Sharon's co-hosts and the studio audience what he should write to Ozzy, and suggested, "There's nothing worse as a man when you get a text from your wife than, 'We need to talk'. I won't send that - he might die."

Finally, James ending up writing, "Make sure you're wearing that special outfit I like when I get home. You know the one," before adding a "winky-face" emoji.

"Just imagine Ozzy Osbourne looking around and going, 'What outfit does she mean?'", James joked.

Less than 30 seconds later, Sharon's mobile began to ring, with a response from Ozzy which read, "You're sex mad, you are. I can't keep up with your demands. I love you, hurry home."