James Corden made an assured start to his presenting slot on The Late, Late Show in the U.S, albeit with the help of two amiable and talkative guests in Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks. It also didn't go unnoticed that Corden and his producers have employed a format that works so well for Graham Norton in the UK - with multiple guests sitting beside each other in the studio, allowing for the potential for televisual chemistry and taking some of the pressure off the host.

James CordenJames Corden made a solid start to his U.S television career

Corden had understandably began a little shaky, introducing himself and thanking his predecessor Craig Ferguson.

"We'll try everything we can to do to put a smile on your face before, well, let's be honest, while you fall asleep," he said.

This a big, big job for Corden and he apparently fended off competition from Chris Rock, Lena Dunham and Chelsea Handler for the chance to host the show, which has a plum slot after Letterman.

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"...while Corden cackled a little too loudly at his own jokes," said Brian Lowry of Variety, "Fortunately, that gave way to the night's cleverest sequence, with Corden and Hanks frantically rifling through a medley of scenes from Hanks' lengthy film career, all set against a green screen. More than anything, it felt like a touch of old-fashioned variety, in a good way."

"Corden doesn't put a layer of cool between him and the viewer (or his guests) - he's as affable and sincere as Fallon with just a little less goofiness. It's a welcome trait, one that should put guests at ease," said Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter.

Tonight's show welcomes Patricia Arquette and Chris Pine, while Modest Mouse provide the music.

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