James Corden felt a sense of freedom working on 'Peter Rabbit 2'.

The 42-year-old star voices the titular character in the animated sequel and he relished being able to improvise more than he usually would.

James said: "You've got countless times to do it and try it. The hardest thing when you're filming anything, even us doing this now, is time. Time is the greatest pressure.

"I think I've recorded 'Peter Rabbit 2' from start to finish, the whole movie, maybe eight to ten times and in moments of that, doing ten reads of individual lines. Then it's up to (director) Will (Gluck) to pick how he wants the character to sound and feel.

"It feels very freeing and also you don't have to worry about that curry you ate at the weekend where you might have put on four pounds and it's showing on your face, it doesn't matter. You can turn up in your pyjamas and it's fine."

'Peter Rabbit 2' is now being released after numerous delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic and it will be one of the first new films to be shown as cinemas reopen.

James thinks the movie is perfect for all the family as it "excludes nobody".

The 'Late Late Show' host told Digital Spy: "I would argue that this film is the perfect film for an outing for all the family. I have young kids and I think the best moments when you're watching a film with your children and they're enjoying a moment for one reason and you're enjoying the same moment, but for a completely different reason.

"This film is full of all that fun and full of all that heart. We're thrilled that people are going to be able to go out and experience being out in the cinema with 'Peter Raddit 2'."