There was certainly a lot of beef in the room when James Corden and Riz Ahmed went against each other for the exciting 'Drop The Mic' segment of 'The Late Late Show' this week. It's safe to say, Riz MC killed it. 

James Corden pictured on the red carpetJames Corden pictured on the red carpet

With 'more bars than Willy Wonka', according to QuestLove, James Corden is introduced onto the stage to face-off against 'Rogue One' star Riz Ahmed, who happens to also be a rapper in the hip-hop collective Swet Shop Boys.

'Late Late Show' host James was quick to tear down his biggest movie role to date with his lyrics. 'I know ruining a 'Star Wars' is seen as unlawful, but here's a 'Rogue One' spoiler: in it, he's awful. Obviously it's mean to say in 'Star Wars' he stinks, but he made me miss the days of Jar Jar Binks', he raps.

Riz, meanwhile, bounced off each of James' verses with a counter-verse of his own, clearly proving that he has the power and the talent to freestyle - which is exactly why the audience voted him to win this epic rap battle.

'Yeah I did do 'Star Wars', I bet that made you mad, too bad they weren't trying to cast Jabba the Hutt's dad', he hit back. 'You're favourite football's team's West Ham United, he heard the word 'Ham' and he just got mad excited.'

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As a rapper, Riz has performed at the likes of Glastonbury, Meltdown Festival and Coachella, and with the Swet Shop Boys he released their debut full-length album 'Cashmere' in 2016. Riz also made an appearance on Lin-Manuel Miranda's chart-topping 'Hamilton Mixtape'.

'The Late Late Show' has previously seen James Corden 'Drop The Mic' with such guests as Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco, Usain Bolt, Kevin Hart, and David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson. James Corden is yet to win a rap battle.