James Corden is on a ''quest of education'' amid the Black Lives Matter protests.

The 41-year-old talk show host says it has been ''challenging'' to tackle heavy topics on 'The Late Late Show' in the wake of the protests which have been taking place since the killing of George Floyd in May.

But James is determined to keep talking about the subject with his guests, because he wants to ''learn more'' about the situation.

He said: ''If anything, the greatest thing to come out of these past few months is that I've really enjoyed being open to the notion of thinking I am on a quest of education here.

''Some of the interviews we've done over the past few weeks or months, I've really taken things away from. We're all having conversations with our children that are different and more insightful.

''I really feel quite comfortable now talking about these things knowing that I'm quite open to our audience to go 'I've lived in American for five years and I've taken a vow of stupidity but I'm in it to learn and I want to learn more about it.' ''

James - who moved to the US from the UK five years ago - also says he had ''no idea how deep'' the history of racism in the country goes.

He added: ''I had no idea how deep some of the history goes culturally and particularly in this last four years, it's felt like a giant step backwards. But I constantly hang on to the notion that more people in America didn't want Donald Trump to be the president of the United States and they voted in that manner.

''It's a young country America, it's still figuring stuff out.''

And the talk show host believes there's ''a revolution happening'' when it comes to making real change for marginalised groups.

Speaking to 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert, he said: ''I think there is a revolution happening inside. [People are now saying] 'I'm part of this and I have to make changes.' ''