The world just can't get enough of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke from his 'Late Late Show'; so much so that an Apple series began this year featuring long segments with different guests. But here is a list of episodes ranked in order of our favourites from 2017.

James Corden at the Emmy AwardsJames Corden at the Emmy Awards

1. Linkin Park - Not part of the 'Late Late Show' segment but for the Apple series, this episode was shot with Ken Jeong less than a week before frontman Chester Bennington committed suicide. It was released in October and is definitely the most memorable episode of the series.

Best Moment: Ken being the Fly Girl of 'LinKen Park' and teaching Chester how to do his 'hotdogs and ketchup' dance move after pulling up on the side of a random street. We'd love to have been those neighbours.

2. Foo Fighters

Best Moment: James Corden claims to be quite a natural when it comes to the drums, despite having never picked up the sticks. Thus, Dave Grohl and the band's drummer Taylor Hawkins challenge him to jam session at the Guitar Centre on Sunset Boulevard. After deciding he's not quite the standard of his fellow Carpoolers, he instead manages to amass a small crowd with his singing and guitar skills.

3. Usher

Best Moment: No-one ever thought they'd ever see a superstar polishing their own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but that's exactly what Usher did in this hilarious episode. The funniest moment was when a passer-by asked: 'Are you Usher, man? 'Cause damnit you look a lot like him.' His suspicions were cemented when James asked if Usher would really be polishing his own Star, and the stranger replied: 'Of course he would!'

4. Ed Sheeran

Best Moment: He attemped to break a world record. Kind of. It's actually his own record for how many Maltesers he can fit in his mouth, we're just not ure if anyone else has ever bothered to fit 47 of them in. Ed actually managed 55 this time compared to James' 26! That's a big mouth, Ed. 

5. Harry Styles

Best Moment: When James Corden wanted to test the 'Dunkirk' star's acting skills by acting out romantic loves scenes from 1999's 'Notting Hill' and 1997's 'Titanic'; needless to say, Harry got to play the parts of Julia Roberts and Kate Winsley respectively and absolutely nailed it.

6. Sam Smith

Best Moment: Sam Smith is a Fifth Harmony superfan, and the best thing about being a multi-million selling popstar is that it doesn't take much to get to meet your heroes. Indeed, James invited the girlband to the car for a surprise sing-a-long of their song 'Work From Home'; Sam's would-br wedding song. 'Oh my God this is my dream!' He squealed after meeting Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui. 

7. Pink

Best Moment: Pink claims that she sings better upside down, and James was so determined to prove her wrong that he pulled over and strapped them into some kind of step ladder contraption to suspend them with their feet in the air. Indeed, Pink's live rendition of 'Just Like A Pill' was as good as ever, though James didn't particularly enjoy the experience.

8. Miley Cyrus

Best Moment: When Miley and James tried to make themselves cry. Miley concentrated with all her might, but with James pulling some absolutely crazy faces next to her, it was impossible for her to feel even a little bit sad. He's had more random moments with celebrities, but that was definitely a weird one.

9. Kelly Clarkson

Best Moment: When two people in a relationship both work within the ever demanding music industry, that means it can be difficult to spend any quality time together; especially when you are also parents like Kelly Clarkson and hubby Brandon Blackstock. However, James' solution was a mini date night in the back of his car, complete with champagne and violin accompaniment. It was obviously hilariously awkward.

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10. Katy Perry

Best Moment: Pretty much all her dance moves, and also the fact that she gave a full explanation in regards to her Taylor Swift beef which fans have been waiting to hear forever.