A woman behind a virtual reality simulator of the Titanic disaster is suing filmmaker James Cameron for $1 billion. Stay with us here. Faan Qin, the inventor of the 'attraction, is suing over the hit movie Titanic, claiming the producers stole her ideas for a 3D ride that recreates the experience of the giant liner crashing into an iceberg.

James CameronJames Cameron is being sued, again.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ.com, Qin claims Cameron and his hang copies her idea with something called 'R.M.S Titanic - The Experience' in Orlando, which they've apparently made a killing from. Qin claims that Cameron's attraction has more than $343 million but she wants triple that to teach the director a lesson. 

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It's the latest lawsuit concerning the multi Oscar winning movie. In February, an extra who worked on the film filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, claiming he was cast as a non-speaking background actor before being given a speaking part by Cameron. Vi Jay was given the line, "Yes. Yes ma'am" (which he said to Kathy Bates' character as she handed him her luggage).

Jay says he was paid just $60 a day, but claims the line means he's entitled to Screen Actors' Guild benefits, specifically residuals. The movie has grossed over $2 billion since its release.

Back in 2011, James Cameron was sued for more than $2 billion by a science fiction writer who claimed the filmmaker used two of his screenplays for the basis of blockbuster 'Avatar'. Cameron won the case. 

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